Haramaseya The Animation episode 2


It’s been three months since our man Terada took on his first job, and guess who walks right back into his life? None other than Kumi Iijima, the same customer from last time! Now, here’s where things get hella interesting. Terada starts off by apologizin’ to Kumi for not bein’ able to get her preggers. But somethin’s different this time around. Mirai, that’s Kumi’s name, her whole vibe is off the charts. She’s all cooperative and down for some hot and heavy action… Terada realizes that Mirai ain’t just lookin’ for a still image, nah, she wants the full-blown experience. So our man proposes a third round of mind-blowin’ sex. And her hubby’s fam is puttin’ mad pressure on her to have an heir. But her man’s got a condition called azoospermia, which means his swimmers ain’t swimmin’ like they should.