A perverted fetishist arrives in the live-action adaptation of Seiheki Matching Appli Zubopuri

Japanese distributor DMM/FANZA has announced the release of a live-action movie adaptation of Meme50’s popular hentai doujinshi, ‘Seiheki Matching Appli Zubopuri‘. Scheduled for release on May 12th in Japan, the 122-minute film stars an unidentified actress in the lead role.

The original doujinshi, which can be found on nhentai (398993), has not yet been translated there, but is available on Hitomi.la, even in Spanish. The film, with the identification code MIMK-120, follows the story of a man who uses the ‘Zubopuri‘ fetish-matching app and is paired with Rui-chan, a girl with big breasts and a school uniform, who is into being violated, enjoys giving sloppy blowjobs, is a total masochist, and has no issues with unprotected sex.

She was on the hunt for a dominant man who could satisfy her sexual desires, and when our protagonist meets her, he wastes no time in taking her to a hotel room. She just wants to fuck relentlessly and is so eager for sex that she can’t help but get wet. It’s a completely vulgar story that will leave you wanting more