A yuri romance ends in Mihitsu no Koi

The Japanese production company a1c listed the video trailer for the second episode of the new original hentai titled “ Mihitsu no Koi “. This second episode will be titled “ Mihitsu no Koi: Episode 2 – Boyfriend’s Girlfriend ” and its release is scheduled for January 26, 2024 in Japan . The story continues with that shown in the first episode, something unusual in these original series.

There is little to say about an original project, beyond the fact that the production is carried out by Nur and that the synopsis of this second episode writes:

  • Yunika ends up having an affair with her best friend Risa’s boyfriend after an unexpected encounter. Although she knows she shouldn’t, she seeks the same kind of wild stimulation and to protect Risa’s figure, the relationship between them continues. Now Yunika and Risa are studying for an upcoming exam, while Risa’s older boyfriend is visiting. Yunika ends up fucking him while Risa leaves them both alone to go make tea.
  • The figure of the obscene but beautiful girl excites her more and more as she reflects herself in the mirror, knowing that this is being caused by a man, whom she hates with great intensity. The lascivious lust that surrounds Yunika is much greater than the guilt she feels towards her best friend.