An ex-colleague will arrive in Mitasarete Mezameru Asa Ni

The Japanese production company Showten listed that the hentai doujinshi written and illustrated by Danimaru, “Mitasarete Mezameru Asa Ni, Jimi Na Choushoku Wo (A Sober Breakfast in the Morning When You Wake Up Filled)”, will be animated and premiered on February 22, 2024 in Japan.

It should be noted that this work previously inspired a live-action with the code EBOD-963. Moreover, the original doujinshi is available in the nhentai catalog (427369), while the synopsis writes:

  • Kotaro, who has just been broken up by his girlfriend, who told him he was “flat and boring,” is reunited with his friend Sayaka at a reunion of former classmates. A flamboyant, busty beauty who was very popular in class and a simple boy.
  • They are two completely opposite poles, but with impressive physical compatibility… The two spend a night together where they are in body and soul. A sweet and melting flirtation from Sayaka, who has a beautiful face and dreamy titsStart an endless sex session for hours.