Another netorare arrives with Tanetsuke Oji-san to NTR Hitozuma Sex

The Japanese production company Showten announced that the doujinshi hentai written and illustrated by Kirin Kakeru , ” Tanetsuke Oji-san to NTR Hitozuma Sex “, will have an animated adaptation that will premiere on July 28, 2023 in Japan . As the title already indicates, it is a netorare (NTR) genre story, so the most sensitive should refrain from watching it.

The original doujinshi is available in the nhentai catalog (411275) , while the synopsis writes:

  • A married woman and a netorare (NTR) story! From the popular doujinshi franchise “Tanetsuke Oji-san”, finally comes an animated adaptation. Kasumi, a married woman, has not had sex with her husband recently. In fact, she has felt uncomfortable because she notices that both her husband and her daughter are being too close lately. One day, the old man who lives next door to her tells her that he has something to show her, so she enters her room. There she witnesses her husband fucking her own daughter, and her mind finally snaps.

Some illustrations that will be delivered as purchase benefits were also revealed: