Goblin No Suana: Second Episode Brings Back Brutal Goblin Abuse

A Japanese distributor named Getchu has released a video preview for the second episode of an animated adaptation of an adult video game called Goblin no Suana (Goblin’s Den), developed by PEPERONCINO. This second episode will be titled “Goblin no Suana – Episode 2: Witch Apprentice Jada “. The release of this episode is scheduled for May 26th in Japan, but it is not yet clear if more episodes will follow.

The original video game includes a collection of hentai illustrations that depict beautiful female adventurers being brutally abused by tribes of goblins, similar to what is shown in the early episodes of Goblin Slayer. The production is being handled by Majin Petit studios, and the synopsis for this second episode is as follows:

Jada, a witch apprentice, visits a peaceful village. However, a terrifying group of goblins attacks the idyllic village where minor problems were an everyday occurrence. “This wasn’t supposed to happen…” Even though Jada is a witch, she is still just an apprentice, and unable to handle the attack power of a pack of goblins, she ends up being captured.

The mutant goblins with giant bodies begin to penetrate Jada’s small vagina, and she cannot escape, only feeling herself slowly dying while lamenting her fate. But instead of dying, she gives birth to the offspring of her captors, and the cycle repeats itself as Jada’s mind continues to break. The days pass, and Jada continues to be raped without rest by the goblins. It doesn’t take long before she loses her sanity and now, she is happy to breastfeed the offspring that keep coming out of her vagina. The useless apprentice who never thought something like this would happen has now lost all reason to live except for her offspring.