Intense sex arrives with the preview of Nightmare x Deathscythe

Japanese distributor Getchu listed the trailer stills and trailer video for the first episode of the animated adaptation of the adult video game of Guilty Nightmare Project , Nightmare x Deathscythe . This first episode will be produced by the Gold Bear brand and is scheduled to be released on May 26, 2023 in Japan .

This first episode will be titled “ Nightmare x Deathscythe – Episode 1: Hangyaku no Resonance ”, and since it is numbered it is understood that more than one will be produced. In fact, the title of this first episode is based on the adult video game Nightmare x Deathscythe: Hangyaku no Resonance , but it should be noted that there are a total of five installments in this franchise.

Let’s remember that because the original material is an adult video game (also known as eroges), access to it is quite limited. However, the synopsis writes:

  • Rinne Natsume was an ordinary schoolgirl, and she lived her life thinking this, until she discovered the secret behind her existence. A few months ago, she was attacked by a satanic sect and lost her father. At that moment, she awakens the power of the “God of Death” that she carries within her and seeks immediate revenge against her attackers. In the end, the momentary peace doesn’t last long and she finds herself trapped.
  • Akuto, the head of the Order’s branch, has turned all his resentment against Rinne for the injuries inflicted on him by her father. Now the sacred mating ritual between the Devil and Death was about to begin. Then the wandering exorcists Setsuna Shindou and Yuuka Shindou appear. But despite putting up a good resistance, they are surrounded by a large number of cultists… What awaits them beyond this desperate situation?