More netorare will arrive with No Wife No Life!

Production company Media Bank announced that the hentai doujinshi written and illustrated by Chin , “ No Wife No Life! “, will be adapted to anime and that the first episode is scheduled for December 8, 2023 in Japan. Since this episode is numbered, it is understood that more than one is planned.

The production is carried out by Queen Bee studios , while the original doujinshi is available in the nhentai catalog (448632) , although still without an English translation. It should be noted that most of the stories in the compilation are of the netorare (NTR) genre.

Finally, the synopsis writes:

  • Owner’s Wife: The newlyweds have found a new home and are going to say hello to their landlord. There they discover that Murai, a former volleyball coach, has taken over the family business. Marin Momodate (maiden name) has bitter memories of Murai from his school days. Just as she was trying to avoid him as much as possible, she left his job at his expense and came home to find him there.
  • She put her husband Masashi to sleep and now it was just the two of them. Coach and she were ex-boyfriends, and now he’s groping her tits like it was nothing. Marin tries to refuse, but little by little the past comes back to her and she can’t forget Murai’s muscular middle-aged body. She becomes addicted to each of his techniques, and her feelings gradually change to become Murai’s feminine toilet.
  • Mama and the Seeding Nest: A mother seduces her son Yuri with tongue kisses every day. When they run out of patience with too much kissing, her friend Hiroki comes to visit. Her husband is away on a long business trip and her mother, frustrated, masturbates in her room. Hiroki accidentally spies on her and threatens to tell Yuri. He now has her at her mercy.