Small succubi return in Boku wa Chiisana Succubus no Shimobe’s second OVA

The Japanese distributor Getchu listed the preview frames of the second episode of the animated adaptation of the doujinshi hentai written and illustrated by Tamano KedamaBoku wa Chiisana Succubus no Shimobe (I’m a Slave of a Small Succubus), whose launch is scheduled for next 4 November in Japan.

It should be remembered that the first episode was released last 5 August in Japan and that the production is carried out by the producer Mary Jane, while this project is an adaptation of the doujinshi hentai de Tamano Kedama, available at nhentai (352188). Finally, the synopsis of this second episode writes:

  • Shogo becomes a servant who offers his sperm to Tiffany, a succubus, and lives with her. Then a new girl appears in Shogo’s life. Her name is Chloe and she is Tiffany’s younger sister. Chloe is unable to get her own semen and gets it from Tiffany’s kisses, so she has to live with her.
  • One day Shogo is alone with Chloe. He has an awkward moment with Chloe, who is quiet and stares at him. They decided to go out together to do something about it. Shogo is concerned that the discomfort remains the same now that they are away from home. As he walked with these thoughts in his mind, Chloe dragged him into a tight alley. The next thing he knew, Chloe, with a bewitching sparkle in her eyes, forced him to kneel down and eat her pussy with a haughty attitude. ¿Have you activated a switch on it?