The incest continues in the second episode of Imouto wa Gal Kawaii

Japanese distributor Getchu has listed the main visual for the second episode of the anime adaptation of Hikaru Wakatsuki ‘s erotic novel Imouto wa Gal Kawaii My Little Sister is a Cute Gyaru ), slated for a June 2 release . 2023 in Japan . Like the first, the production is handled by Mary Jane .

This second episode will be titled “ Imouto wa Gal Kawaii – Episode 2: Imouto kara no Present ( My Little Sister is a Cute Gyaru – Episode 2: Present from the Sister )”. Finally, the original novel was released in September 2019, while the synopsis for this second episode writes:

  • Because the protagonist’s father has remarried, his classmate Rino Mizusawa becomes his stepsister. Shohei Shindo, an otaku, is confused by the fact that he lives under the same roof as Rino, a beautiful and popular girl in his class. However, Rino seems to have the same hobbies as her new stepbrother, which causes them to have their first sexual experience and become much closer.
  • One day, Shohei sneaks up to a sleeping Rino and removes the towel covering her, only to find her sleeping completely naked. Shohei’s hands enjoy the softness of her breasts and her belly and then move to her buttocks. Shohei was then enthralled with her ass, which opened up revealing an attractive anus. After that, he and Rino had non-stop sex many times, but that seductive rear hole never left Shohei’s mind.

Yes, we know it’s not incest (sex between direct relatives) but inseki (sex between relatives not related by blood), but who the hell is going to argue about this?