The netorare returns with Midareuchi

Yo, listen up! This Japanese producer, Lune Pictures, just dropped the bomb that the hentai doujinshi, ‘Midareuchi,’ written and drawn by Izumi and Reizei, is getting a damn animated adaptation. And guess what? It’s gonna hit the screens with a double whammy on April 26th, 2024, in Japan. But yo, heads up, this shit falls under the wicked genre of netorare (NTR), so if you’re a sensitive soul, you better keep your ass away.

T-REX is the crew behind the production, while the original doujinshi is all up for grabs in nhentai’s catalog (296860). It’s got a multi-chapter storyline, my friend. Now, let me give you a sneak peek of what goes down in these two episodes:

Episode 1 (April 26th, 2024): Kaori, this badass tennis club ace, goes check on her friend who’s been ghosting the club lately… But hold up, her boyfriend Masaya is all worried and shit. So Kaori makes her way to her friend Ami’s room, and goddamn, what she sees there is Ami giving some dude a mind-blowing blowjob. Shit hits the fan when Ryo, Ami’s buddy, jumps her and takes her virginity. Kaori screams for Masaya’s help, but her cries fall on deaf ears… Oh, and check this out, Ami’s got some freaky stimulant that turns Kaori into a pleasure-addled mess she’s never been before…!

Episode 2 (April 26th, 2024): Kaori starts acting all weird during club activities, and her man Masaya ain’t blind to it, bro. That day, Kaori gets straight-up violated by Ryo in Ami’s room, ’cause Ami drops a bombshell: ‘I’m gonna invite your boy to a study sesh.’ But hold up, this study session is nothing but a damn web of lies. Kaori gets banged like there’s no tomorrow by Ryo in the locker room, while Ami goes down on Masaya like a pro. And damn, Kaori gets all hot and bothered by Masaya’s presence, begging him to take her as she’s on the edge of climax…!