Invasion of the Booby Snatchers episode 2


Shinji was worried about being scolded by Yuria, but when he returned, Yuria was drunk and drunk, and she didn’t know what she was. Was she too strong on Earth’s sake for Julia? “Take a drink!” Shinji takes a cold shower and takes care of Yulia who is screaming. Around that time, the yakuza came to Alisa’s room, also known as Cheryl, and took her out in her car. She struck her body with her medicine, put her in a coma and abducted her. Alisa is taken to a warehouse somewhere, where she is replaced by various men. She gradually resisted Alisa, who had learned the idea of ​​an earthling, but her medicine weakened her power.

Alisa has no choice but to telepathically ask Julia for help. Knowing that her danger is imminent for her Alisa, her sister Julia heads for Shinji and her rescue. Shinji gets scared when he knows that the yakuza is the other person, but he becomes a gangster and acts with Yuria. When Julia went up to Shinji and the roof of the hotel, her shuttle appeared and disappeared. Alisa is being beaten up by men. Her yakuza forced her to become XX and injected her powerful medicine. “Alisa’s life is dangerous!” Yuria and Shinji are worried … “I wonder if my sister could be killed by an earthling …” She was a little worried.