Kateikyoushi no Onee-san 2 The Animation episode 1


“I can’t stand it just by looking at it.”
Toruya was spending a thrilling summer vacation living with four older sisters, Rio, Nagisa, Sara, and Amane, who live in the tutor.
When he asks a question that he doesn’t understand in the text of the assignment, Toya finds Amane masturbating in the room.
Toruya who was peeping was made to masturbate in front of Amane. Amane staring at Toya who starts masturbating gradually gets excited, and she reaches out to his penis …!?

“Are you interested in studying that?”
Rio holds a rotor and Toya I came to my room. Rio, who is curious about the rotor, tells Toya that she is studying and uses it.
In the posture of sixty nine, Rio begins to play with Toya’s anal with a rotor. When Toya hits Rio’s dick with a rotor, he pushes it in as it is.
Toya involuntarily sucks on her swaying ass, but a sudden visitor appears there …

“Let’s study there ♪”
Toya is laid naked on the bed. Sara straddles Toya’s face, and Rio decides to sit naked in a chair and teach.
Toruya gets excited by Sara who puts her rotor in her ass and sticks to her dick. Rio continued her class, but her fingers started to mess with her dick and couldn’t stand it and rushed into 3P !?