Mahou Touki Lilustear episode 1


In this messed up city, there’s this evil organization called Hamelder causing chaos. Every damn night, innocent chicks are getting kidnapped left and right. But don’t worry, ’cause a badass group of girls got your back. They call themselves the Magic Battle Princesses. Himesato Rin, she may seem all shy and ordinary, but she’s got some worries about her girls, if you know what I mean. One day, as she’s heading home, those creeps from Hamelder decide to go after her. Shit gets real, and just when Rin’s about to lose hope, in comes Frostia, a magical hottie and Rin’s senior at school. She saves Rin’s ass from those lowlifes. Rin finds out Frostia’s got a secret identity, which makes her worry about her own safety. But Rin’s not the type to sit on her ass and do nothing. She decides to join the fight and become a Magic Battle Princess herself! With her fierce determination, she taps into her own powers of justice.