Mahou Touki Lilustear episode 2


We got Sumire Hiyama caught up in some messed-up situation with the wicked crew known as Hamelder. Those sneaky bastards took her clothes away, but she ain’t lettin’ that break her spirit. She’s running around butt-naked, but her eyes are filled with determination, ready to wreck their whole damn base. Meanwhile, Rin, feelin’ guilty as hell for Sumire gettin’ snatched, reaches out to Mii, a badass magical warrior and a pal of the Spellfighter. Rin figures Sumire’s gotta be held up at the enemy’s base, so she needs to squeeze the location outta them. That’s when Rin steps up, goin’ by the name Lilistia, and starts chasin’ after those Hamelder fools. But man, the enemy’s got way more numbers than she expected. Lilistia finds herself surrounded by a swarm of goons, trapped with no way out. She’s friggin’ helpless as those dark hands start gropin’ her juicy breasts and thick thighs. But just when things look bleak, her ample assets start surging with energy, gettin’ all charged up.