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Necromancer episode 1

Parthian kingdom with abundant nature surrounded by forests and springs.
A young man, Lesage, who lives in the local city of Acres, spends peaceful days with his sickly sister, Meath.
However, the encounter with the girl, Pucelle, who came from the royal capital, began to change her daily life,
which surely affected both Lesage and Mies.
However, shortly after feeling the effect, Lesage suddenly faces the reality of Mies’ death.
Unable to endure the feeling of loss that has lost his precious existence without any warning, he begins to deal with the contraindicated evil law.
“Resurrection of the dead by a contract with the devil”
However, the summoning ended in failure, and it was the female devil Naifa who appeared.
Using her magical powers and her artificial body, she again performs her rebirth evil, but the rebirth is incomplete and
Mies is revived by sharing her soul with Naifa.
Resage was told by Nafa that the supply of vitality through sexual intercourse is essential for the complete resuscitation of Mies, but
even though her body is different, she feels strong resistance to the act of SEX with her sister, but it is fierce. I get excited …