Tales of Little Monica episode 1


The young man Will was on a boat to return to his hometown of Little Monica, where he was born for the first time in thirteen years. An orphan, he was raised by a foster parent in a distant city and was well educated, but he returned after hearing bad rumors about his hometown. The bad rumors were that little monica, once a city of art, is turning into a den of evil swirling with color and greed. His childhood friend Celia also lives there. Not to mention her worries, I was also looking forward to what kind of attractive woman she has grown into.

However, while thinking about that, he is fascinated by a girl named Myau who was on board. She is sexy and poisons her eyes to young Will. Will goes straight to Celia when he arrives at the harbor, but follows Myau. Then she entered the open-air theater. She’s a stripper around Dosa and came to the city to dance on stage. Will mourns when she sees young people rejoicing at the strip, where she once screened concerts and operas. However, when he was suddenly selected as a show partner, he was in front of the audience.