Triangle Blue episode 1


Akane and Asato finally started living together. Akane’s childhood friend, “Kyosuke Kamisaka,” interrupts the moment when the two of us started living together to get a dream.
Kyosuke is chased by collecting debt. Because I was a childhood friend of Akane, I couldn’t refuse it, and I was reluctant to let him live for two weeks … I’m glad that Asahi nodded. The smile of the cute lover that Asahi saw was … that was the last …
The busy Asahi of her work tends to stay at her company every day. Akane makes her lonely in her passing life. It wasn’t difficult for Kyosuke, who was the host, to defeat such Akane …
Kyosuke touches on from his childhood friend’s comfort. Akane who hesitates but cannot forcibly refuse.
Asahi isn’t aggressive because she doesn’t have enough charm. Kyosuke said, playing with Akane who called it a practice of sex. Her breasts are rubbed, fucking is squeezed, blowjobs are educated … Kyosuke gradually becomes radical.
“No … no more … no …”
Akane refuses, contrary to her words, her body is hot flashes, and she unknowingly contains a piece of Kyosuke in her mouth. The feeling of not being able to do it further fuels pleasure.
In the living room without Asahi struggling for her dream with her Akane, her voice echoed …