Ikumonogakari returns with more lessons in his sexual school

The Japanese production company  Showten  listed the video trailer for the second and final episode of the anime adaptation of the doujinshi hentai written and illustrated by  Malcorond , ” Ikumonogakari “. Which will be released on August 25, 2023.

It should be noted that this second episode, by the  Showten company , has been delayed on more than one occasion, the most recent being the change from June 30 to the official date so far for next August. Also, the original doujinshi is available within the  nhentai catalog (267816) , and the synopsis for the second episode writes:

  • A world in which intercourse is compulsory, and in which impressionable boys and girls are one-sidedly fucked. The wildly popular doujinshi work “Ikumonokari,” originally written by Malcorond, has been adapted into an OVA.
  • A few months after the start of sex classes. The students have gone to a “sex camp”, where they can put into practice what they have learned so far in their own practical training…  In the environment of a limited time coexistence, it cannot be avoided that a great orgy takes place in the bathrooms. They can’t stop having sex and cumming without using condoms…!