Debts of Desire episode 2


After school after school, Masaki reunites with her childhood friend, Mai Mutsuki, her next target. Mai calls her Masaki “Onii-chan”. The two of them stand side by side and make a flower bloom in their memories, but Masaki suddenly asks Mai for a consultation as if she was in trouble. “Actually, it’s your father …” “Eh? Daddy?” Masaki says that the repayment date of Mai’s father’s debt has passed, and that he wants him to return it as soon as possible. I told you.
Mai, who doesn’t know her repayment amount, promises, “I’m fine! Don’t worry! Mai will do something if you can’t repay it right away!” However, her repayment amount is 100 million units. It was confirmed by the maid Riko that she was not ready for immediate use. “Well, Mai will do something about it …” Masaki’s eyes shone suspiciously. The next day, Mizuki Kanna’s seat is vacant in the noisy classroom. Besides, Masaki only gave me one. And after school. Kyoro Kyoro and Mai looking around her. When she confirms that Masaki isn’t there, she tries to go home, but she gets caught by Masaki who has been waiting for her.