Do something like an erotic doujin to a classmate’s childhood friend – The Motion Anime


Japanese:同級生の幼馴染にエロ同人みたいなことする。 The Motion Anime


Holy hell, this stupid summer vacation has become a living hell thanks to my neighbor and childhood friend, Rin. She’s always lounging on my bed, showing off her mouth-watering curves, asking me to fetch her ice cream while she indulges in my manga collection. And to top it all off, she passes out the second she barks her orders at me. Ugh, I feel like nothing more than her personal sex toy, to be used and discarded as she sees fit.

But then, as I sit there staring at Rin’s luscious body displayed so enticingly, a truly filthy thought hits me. What if I take advantage of her in her sleep? It could be my chance to get closer to her in the most depraved way possible, and maybe even turn this into a dirty, raunchy love story that will be talked about for generations. Oh, I can almost feel her flesh beneath my hands, her moans of pleasure filling my ears as we lose ourselves in the most scandalous desires imaginable. I don’t know whether to be scared or massively turned on – it’s like I’m living in some kind of erotic dream!