Hime-sama Love Life! episode 2


Maika, Yahiro and Sakino go on a cruise after a long absence.
Sakino returns to the ship to wake up Yahiro, who takes a nap, to Maika, who works in the sun.
When she approaches Yahiro for a nap and tries to wake her up … “Yeah, Yahiro-sama, I’m …”

Yahiro, who sleeps, mistakenly embraces Maika.
She was confused by Sakino, but her eyes got wet mysteriously … “Yahiro-sama … please feel me …”

Sakino puts it in her breasts and handles it gently.
Indulging in shame with Yahiro, only time passed …
Maika, who came back from the sun when she returned late, stood stunned in front of the door of the room
… , Sakino and Yahiro hit their hips violently …

“Hey, what are you doing, Sakino, Yahiro?”

Maika hits the door violently.
However, she was Maika who couldn’t do anything in the appearance of Sakino who was pleased with her sloppy face so that she wouldn’t notice in front of her …