Stringendo: Angel-tachi no Private Lesson episode 6


“Pounding !! Escape drama ♪”
Mizuho leaves Tomohisa in the bath and prepares a meal for his father. Mizuho who returned to the bath wipes Tomohisa’s body and gives a blowjob as it is.
Meanwhile, the two rushed to the next toilet when her father told her to join her. Mizuho naked looking at the window trying to escape from there. Tomohisa pierces Mizuho irresistibly in that figure !!

“On the side of the crow …”
Miyazawa-san is violently stabbed by Ono in an empty broadcasting room. Ono says she will take the place of Mr. Miyazawa who pushed Kanda down, and she smiles invincibly with her semen.
Miyazawa, who made an appointment with Ono to meet her after school, was waiting alone in the broadcasting room. However, it wasn’t Ono who appeared there, but her friend Hime-chan …!?