Yaneura DVD ~Nakadashi Senyou Hitozuma Bukken Nyuukyosha Boshuuchuu~ The Motion Anime


Japanese:屋根裏DVD ~中出し専用人妻物件 入居者募集中~ The Motion Anime


A man moves to a cheap, rundown apartment because of the hot live-in widowed manger. As the days pass, they become closer and closer. One day, he notices a loose ceiling board. To this surprise, it comes right off,. revealing an attic. Peeping in, he notices a video camera, recording equipment, a bunch of DVDs, and a computer… Checking out the computer, he sees some video files. The videos are of a woman being threatened and violated. An adult video? Wait, that voice sounds familiar… And one idea pops into his head. “Hmm, if I blackmail her with these videos, maybe I can fuck her like that too”